Our Values and Principles

Vitality Planning and Design is seeking to do more than just get you the development you want; we pride ourselves on our values, and on our efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Please see below for more information.


Our Values


These are partly driven by the RTPI Code of conduct, which sets out requirements that RTPI members must adhere to (for more information on this please click HERE). We consider these to be our baseline, but we do not just settle for that; in addition to getting your development approved, we want you to have the best possible experience when we work with you. We do this by applying the values below as our guiding principles.


Honesty: Whilst we seek to cater to your needs, we will be realistic with you where realism is needed. We would rather that you were a bit more disappointed at first, and then happy when you get the best possible permission, than getting the far greater disappointment of an unviable scheme being refused.

Efficiency: We believe that it is better for you and for us when we deliver our services to you quickly and efficiently. It is less stress all around, and allows us all to get on with progressing your development. It is all very well aspiring to this, but we also can deliver this to you through our effective use of time-saving technologies, experience and expertise.

Value for money: Our aim is not to offer "bargain basement" planning services; there are plenty of businesses out there who boast of low prices and "no win no fee" planning. Our aim is to add greater value to your project, whilst charging competitive rates, thereby offering you the best value for money. Compared to the uplift in value you can get from a high-value development project, the cost of planning consultancy is very minor. For more information on the ways in which we add value to your project, please click HERE, and for our price list, please click HERE.

Dedication: We are passionate about making planning better for everyone. We do this by working pro-actively with Local Planning Authorities to deliver their planning policies, including maintaining good working relationships with planning officers. We believe that planning has been traditionally too adversarial and anti-development, and are looking to break down the barriers, because the right type of development is good for our customers, neighbours, the wider community and helps deliver the aims of the development.

Building relationships based on trust: We hope you appreciate working with us, and look forward to working with you on your project. However, if you have a regular need for planning and development expertise, then we would be delighted to be on-call when you need advice you can rely on.

Our Environmental Commitments


As part of our efforts to be an environmentally friendly, zero-carbon business, we are proud to be reducing our carbon footprint and resource use through the following measures:


 - We use Ecosia as our search engine. The advertising revenue generated by our use of this website helps fund a programme of tree planting.
 - We use Eco-Web Hosting as our website hosting service. This allows our website to be carbon neutral.
 - Where possible, we use bicycles, public transport and/or walking when we come to visit your property for inspection, discussion and survey, or when we meet you at your favourite cafe. In addition to being less polluting, we also find that we can be more punctual, especially if your property is in London.
 - We are aiming to be a "Paper-free" operation. The ways in which we have reduced our paper consumption include submitting applications online, e-mailing documents rather than printing and posting them and using computers to generate our plans and other documentation.
 - When we do print, we use a low energy, ink efficient printer that prints double sided, so as to reduce our energy, ink and paper consumption.

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