Proposal Drawings and Documents Production

This service builds on the Development Site Review and Appraisal service (for more information on that service please click HERE) by developing a set of drawings and documents for your finalised proposal which are ready to be submitted as part of an application to the Local Planning Authority.

This service is also very useful if you already have a very clear idea of the details of your development, as we can provide this service to you without the need for a site review and appraisal. We advise however that you should consider using our site review and appraisal before using this service if you are unsure about your development or wish to explore alternative developments.


This service consists of three main stages:

A - Planning Survey

B – Development of Draft Drawings and Documents

C - Development of Final Drawings and Documents for Application Submission

Below is a discussion of what is involved in each stage.

Planning Survey

This stage consists of gathering all of the data required to make a complete set of accurate drawings. This involves a systematic survey of the proposal site and its vicinity, including viewing the site and area, taking all relevant dimensioned measurements, sketches and photography.

In order to speed this process up and increase the precision of the drawings, we use laser measuring devices which feed measurements directly into a mobile phone/tablet whilst on site, allowing for the initial plans to be generated in real-time. This benefits you by saving you time and reassuring you that the drawings based on these highly accurate measurements will be to a very high standard. We also use a high resolution digital camera with a large optical zoom function, so that we can take very high quality photos, including close-up photos of objects which are from a long distance. This allows us to gather all of the information we need in one site survey, thereby allowing us to complete our work for you more quickly, whilst also being more convenient.

Whilst we are at your property, we will also:


- take a photographic survey of the area around your property
- conduct a survey of the traffic and parking conditions at your property and in the area (if your proposal is likely to have transport impacts)
- take notes and measurements of significant trees and neighbouring properties (where relevant).


Development of Draft Drawings and Documents

Following the survey, the next stage involves the development of all the materials needed for a planning application. This stage begins with developing an accurate and complete set of existing plans and elevations of your property. This is essential for nearly all types of planning applications, and are used to develop your proposal.

The draft proposed plans, elevations and sections (where needed) are then developed. They are draft at this stage because in our experience clients may have some last minute changes that they wish to make to the proposal, or they may not have decided on every detail of the proposal. For example, sometimes the final layout, the heights of windows or the designs of external doors may need further consideration. Having draft drawings available helps to resolve these issues, and so allows you some flexibility about considering your scheme before the final plans and elevations are developed.

This stage also involves the development of other planning documents. We are able to produce for you:

1. Planning Statements

2. Design and Access Statements

3. Transport and Parking Statements

4. Heritage and Conservation Statements

5. Flood Risk Assessment

For simpler proposals, such statements are not always required, but when suitable we have found that they help provide support and evidence to justify your proposal in planning terms. They are also useful documents to have submitted in the unlikely event that your scheme is refused, as they help support the case if the application is taken to appeal.

We develop draft versions of these documents, so that you can review them, make comments and add to them as you wish. We do this because we want to make sure you are happy with and aware of the entire planning submission, and because we believe that our customers have local knowledge and insights and can make important contributions to the planning process. Whilst we have expert planning knowledge and experience, we are also here to listen to you.

Development of Final Drawings and Documents for Application Submission

This stage is the culmination of the previous stages, bringing together your feedback, comments and changes you have requested to develop the final submission materials. Once you have advised us with your comments and any final details, we will develop the final set of plans and other documents. In addition to the final proposed plans and elevations and other documents (where needed), we will also develop a 1:1250 metric scaled site location plan, as this is required for all planning applications. Please note that the drawings we develop are designed for planning purposes only, and are not meant to be used for construction, building control or any other purpose.


Following this, your proposal is now ready for submission to the Local Planning Authority for their assessment. The next service we provide for this stage is either planning application management or pre-application advice management. Which service is suitable for you depends on various factors, which are discussed below. As part of our service to you we will advise you which we think is appropriate for your proposal, but the decision is yours.

Planning Application Management: This service is most appropriate with:

- smaller, simpler proposals, where the planning considerations are relatively obvious
- less contentious schemes, which should be decided quite quickly and neutrally
- proposals which are typical and commonly submitted, and don't raise unusual planning issues.
- a proposal that you are completely satisfied with

By this stage, the majority of proposals would fall within this category, and it is appropriate to apply for the relevant consent. For more information on how we can help maximise your chances of a quick and successful outcome on your planning application, whilst saving you money, please click HERE.

Pre-application Advice Management: This involves the effective utilisation of formal Local Planning Authority advice and critique for maximum benefit to you. This is most appropriate for:

- large and/or complex proposals
- if you would like to "test the water" with your proposal, or possibly several proposals, before going through the full planning application process
- where you wish to keep your proposal outside the public domain until you are fully satisfied with the scheme
- schemes that are likely to be contentious at the planning application stage, as pre-application advice can help bolster controversial proposals.


For more information on how we can help you get the most from Local Authority pre-application advice, please click HERE.

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