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Vitality Planning and Design has the experience, knowledge and expertise you need to get the development you desire. We operate throughout the UK but primarily in London and the South East of England, with our chartered planning consultant (MRTPI) having direct experience of London Borough Local Planning Authorities development management. Whatever your situation, let us put some vitality into your project. Below are some typical circumstances where people need our planning consultancy, with some useful links to further information.


Have you been refused Planning Permission?


It is always disappointing after all the time, thought, effort and money that goes into a development project, that it finally ends in a refusal. This can happen for number of reasons, some legimitate, some not. Click HERE for more information on what your options are.


Are you a property developer? 


Whilst the world of property development, whether it be residential or commercial, can be highly lucrative, it can also be fraught with delays, frustrations and unexpected costs. Click HERE for more information on how Vitality Planning and Design can help you make the maximum profit from your property whilst saving you time, money and stress. For more information on new build development projects, please click HERE.


Seeking to maximise your rental income?


Landlords, it is highly likely that you are not fully utilising the rental potential of your properties. For free informal advice on how you can increase your rental income through achieving the maximum planning potential of your site, please press HERE. For more information on the change of use from commercial to residential units and conversion of single family houses into Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and/or flats, please click HERE.


Aspiring to build the house of your dreams?


Self-building can be highly rewarding, but it is not without difficulties and challenges. Thankfully we can help make your life easier, and save you money in the process, such as dealing with the Community Infrastructure Levy regulations. We offer self-builders a one-stop shop to help you obtain planning permission to build your dream home, from conducting your development site appraisal, planning surveying, proposal design and drawings, to dealing with the complexities of the planning application process. For more information on these services, please click HERE.


Are you looking to add value to your home?


It can be very lucrative to maximise the potential of your most valuable asset, but it can be a nightmare also. On the one hand, if you apply for too large an extension, then the chances are that it will be refused, whilst applying for too small an extension will result in under-utilising the land, resulting in a less valuable house than it could have been. With our considerable experience of householder extensions, Vitality Planning and Design will get the balance just right for you, and help realise the full potential of your property. For more information on our householder extension service, please click HERE.


Do you need a more accessible home?


As people with disabilities and the elderly know only too well how challenging it can be to get around a home that was previously convenient. In these circumstances, easier accessibility becomes a necessity and not a luxury. Please click HERE for more information on different ways in which Vitality Planning and Design can make your home more accessible.


Need more space?


Perhaps you have a growing family, need a home office or maybe you need somewhere for your home gym. Whatever your reason, we can help you get the permission you need. For more information on the outbuildings and extensions to houses that can give you the space you are seeking, please click HERE.


Is your expanding business having growing pains?


Maybe you need additional office space, or perhaps more parking places are required? Perhaps you are looking to promote your business with some shiny new advertisement signs? Whatever your business need, we can help. Please click HERE for more information on the different types of commercial extensions, alterations and minor works we have on offer, or HERE for our advertisements service.


Are you looking for town planning services from highly experienced and qualified professionals in London or the South East of England?


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